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  • Breaking: Paige Reportedly Done As An In-Ring WWE Performer 0 CommentsPosted by A.J. Perez and David Steele on January 12, 2018 under Wrestling

    Breaking: Paige Reportedly Done As An In-Ring WWE Performer

    Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

    PWInsider.com has reportedly confirmed with multiple sources that following her recent injury at a WWE Live event Paige will not be cleared by WWE doctors to return to the company as an in-ring performer.

    They are comparing the situation to Edge’s medical disqualification from the ring that led to his retirement.

    Their full report can be found HERE, we have included some highlights below.

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    • Paige was informed of the decision by WWE earlier this week.
    • Paige appears to have received a “stinger” in her six-woman tag match on December 28th after being kicked from behind by Sasha Banks
      • Paige immediately fell to the ground, was looked at by medical officials and the match was stopped
    • Due to the “stinger” Paige could not feel her extremeties
    • Paige will be replaced in the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble Match

    WWE has yet to confirm this report. Once, or if, they do we will have their announcement here on WrestleZone.

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    Breaking: Paige Reportedly Done As An In-Ring WWE Performer

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  • Recy Taylor, Alabama woman raped by six white men, dies at 97 0 CommentsPosted by John Hickey on December 29, 2017 under MLB

    Recy Taylor, an African-American woman from Abbeville, Alabama, whose abduction and rape by six white men in 1944 made national headlines, died Thursday morning, her brother Robert Corbitt told NBC News. She would have turned 98 on Sunday. Corbitt said she passed peacefully in a nursing home in Abbeville.

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    Recy Taylor, Alabama woman raped by six white men, dies at 97

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  • WWE Releases Their Top 25 Matches Of 2017 List, Superstars Celebrate 20 Million YouTube Subscribers 0 CommentsPosted by Thomas George on December 21, 2017 under Wrestling

    wwe kingston

    Best Wrestling Matches of 2016

    (Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images)

    WWE Releases Their Top 25 Matches Of 2017 List

    WWE.com has released a new article looking at their picks for WWE’s top twenty-five matches of 2017.

    Here are the top five:

    1.  AJ Styles vs. John Cena — WWE Championship Match (Royal Rumble)
    2. Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe vs. Braun Strowman — Fatal 4-Way Universal Championship Match (SummerSlam)

    3. Tyler Bate vs. Pete Dunne — WWE United Kingdom Championship Match (NXT TakeOver: Chicago)

    4. The New Day vs. The Usos — SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match (SummerSlam Kickoff)
    5. Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles — Champion vs. Champion Match (Survivor Series)

    You can view the full article by clicking HERE

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    Superstars Celebrate 20 Million YouTube Subscribers

    WWE has released the following on-line:

    WWE’s official YouTube channel reached yet another major milestone Sunday night when it gained its 20 millionth subscriber, and to celebrate, your favorite Superstars say THANKS. Thank you to the entire WWE Universe!

    The post WWE Releases Their Top 25 Matches Of 2017 List, Superstars Celebrate 20 Million YouTube Subscribers appeared first on Wrestlezone.

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    WWE Releases Their Top 25 Matches Of 2017 List, Superstars Celebrate 20 Million YouTube Subscribers

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  • Diamond Dallas Page On The Goal Of DDP Yoga, If He’d Ever Do A ‘One-Off’ Wrestling Match, Who Is On His Wrestling Mt Rushmore? 0 CommentsPosted by Chris Burke on December 14, 2017 under Wrestling

    Diamond Dallas Page

    (Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images)

    Diamond Dallas Page was a recent guest on Ring Rust Radio; you can read a few highlights and listen to the interview below:

    Diamond Dallas Page comments on the ultimate goal of DDP Yoga and his new app:

    We have been working on the app for years and we are finally at the spot where we can promote it and let people know about it. A lot of people still invest in our DVDs, but eventually just like the 8-track and VHS, they are going to be gone. I have been preparing for that day with the DDP Yoga app. The app really has every workout I have ever done plus all the new workouts just for the app. They range from kids workouts, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. We also have the new DDPY Rebuild and that’s really for people 55+ or people with limited mobility. If you have problems getting out of bed, or you are chair bound, I have workouts for that to help you out. So we now have workouts from kids to older adults to athletes and even veteran athletes. I have been doing a lot of work with NFL legends lately and getting them into DDP Yoga. People ask about my diet and how to eat clean along with the diet, so I have included recipes now on the DDP app.  Breakfast, lunch, dinners, salads, even sweets, they are all on there with videos on how to prep them. My inspirational stuff is also loaded on the app. With the DDP TV on the app, it’s your way to stay connected and stay inspired to put the work in and see the results with tracking abilities on the app. You have to feed your brain and your mindset the same way you feed your body. Whether it’s through nutrition or working out you got to do it. Every Monday I’ve got a different motivational Monday and I share it with everyone so they can turn it around and own it. It’s all about the story you tell yourself. I just wrote a book, it’s not out yet but you can pre-order it on Amazon. It’s called, “Own Your Life” and the opening paragraph starts off with the concept of what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? I have lived every single dream I have ever had. I break it down throughout my book Own Your Life through my stories and recalling everything from wrestling, to recovery, and creating DDP Yoga.

    DDP comments on Arthur Boorman’s influence on his program, how food can hurt or help your health: 

    It’s so funny, because a million people have seen the video of the disabled veteran I helped. I was able to get Jake to do it, then Jericho to do it, then AJ started doing it, almost like a domino effect from that video. I would say two biggest influencers in the success of DDP Yoga is Arthur Boorman. We put that video up and it was from five years ago at that time. Anybody that invested in my first program, there was no food plan, no inspiration, we didn’t have all these amazing communities online like Team DDP Yoga, or our Facebook page. It was just me and every single person that invested in the program I sent them an email and I would tell them that I am not trying to sell you anything. You already bought the program and I am just sending you this email as a thank you for believing in what I am trying to do. I sent them five questions and people would write me back saying this isn’t really DDP emailing me. I was cutting and copying and sending each one of these emails out myself. This guy Arthur gave me some amazing feedback. So I wrote him back and told him thank you so much for taking the time to do that. I said it sounds like you may need some help and to tell me a little about himself. Well, he wrote back and his cliff notes were: disabled vet, morbidly obese, I’ve relegated to thinking of myself as a piece of furniture. I asked him to send me some pictures so I could see what I am working with. His pictures showed me his knee braces that were attached to his back brace that takes his wife 20 minutes to put on him every single morning as she helps him out of bed and gives him his wrap around canes to hobble to the bathroom. He was 5’6 and 297 pounds. I’m looking at his canes and trying to think of a way to help him out. I sent him one of the food plans I got from a guy named Dr. Fred Bisci. I knew this case was all about health. He sent me back an email saying he thinks he can do it and he will give it a try. I sent him back an email saying awesome and keep me posting, but he didn’t do that. He said, “I can do it” and then I told him to send me his phone number. He was the first guy I ever talked to about the program that I didn’t know. I talked to him, we had a great talk, and two weeks later he called me back to say he lost 20 pounds and 4 inches off his stomach. Now it wasn’t a “real” 4 four inches because he was bloated from eating foods that inflamed his stomach. Once he got off of those, his stomach went down around an inch off his stomach from the first two weeks. All he wanted to lose was 50 pounds so the VA would operate on his knees from botched surgeries. The first month he lost 32 pounds, the next month he lost 22 pounds, the following month was 18 pounds, and that’s 72 pounds in three months. He would go on to lose 140 pounds in ten months. He lost the knee brace, the back brace, the wraparound canes, and now we was able to run. More importantly, he didn’t need to get those knee surgeries after losing weight. This is when I started to learn that the food you put in your body can either heal you or fuck you. Back about 25 years ago, you never saw guys or athletes around 300 pounds that were built like the Fridge William Perry from the Chicago Bears. Today, you look around and you see people easily at 400 pounds walking around. You can even find 5, 6, or 7 hundred pounders around me too. I really suggest movies like Food Inc. and Genetic Roulette. Just to get the education so you know. The last 20 years, obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, autism, have all blown through the roof. The main thing that has changed is the food. The pesticides on the food and the genetic modifications to the food. I am 61 years young, and with my training, diet, and conditioning, I can keep up and beat kids training Temple University football team or the Virginia Cavaliers football team. As studly as these studs are, they can’t keep up with me at 61. I eat real food and I am conditioned differently than they are. If I can do this at 61, what could you do?

    Diamond Dallas Page on if he would entertain another ‘one-off’ appearance in a match:

    I know I could, but how would I be at the end of the match? Risk and reward, it wouldn’t be worth the punishment. The reason why Vince put me in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal; There was still 12 legends that could go like myself and Tatanka. So a few days before my 60th birthday, it was a real honor to get asked to do this. You have guys like Ric Flair and Dory Funk who could do this kind of work in their 60’s and maybe a couple of other guys, but it’s a very small handful of guys that could. For me, I know I can do it, but I would feel so beat up afterwards that it wouldn’t be worth it for me. Anytime I can go out and hit a diamond cutter I’ll take it. Cody [Rhodes] sent me a text when he found out, and he told me it was so apropos that he would be the first to take the cutter. That kid is doing great right now with ROH and New Japan. I have known his since he was seven years old. I would still do that and go out there and hit the cutter out of nowhere. People would jump all over it. I have a picture at WrestleMania where I took a picture of three levels of fans doing the diamond cutter sign in that Dallas stadium. 80% of them were standing there putting up the diamond cutter sign. It was very humbling and all so cool.

    Who would be on DDP’s pro wrestling Mt. Rushmore?

    For me personally, Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Jake Roberts, and Vince McMahon. I would abso-fucking-loutley put myself on there is I could, Vince would be gone. Dusty and I would sit around and talk about Vince. We considered him the best heel/babyface in the business ever. When he is face you love him, and when he is heel you hate him. He is the worker’s worker. We used to laugh about some of the stuff he would do and I think Bischoff should go in the Hall of Fame. I would love to induct him but it would probably be Jason Hervey or someone else. I would love to induct him because I have so many good stories about him. Eric brought the best out of Vince.

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    Diamond Dallas Page On The Goal Of DDP Yoga, If He’d Ever Do A ‘One-Off’ Wrestling Match, Who Is On His Wrestling Mt Rushmore?

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  • Police close case of teen who died in freezer, release timeline of events 0 CommentsPosted by Dave Goldberg on October 21, 2017 under Nascar

    Police in Chicago have closed the investigation into the death of the 19-year-old who was found dead in a hotel freezer in September.?

    • 1:13 A.M – The 19-year-old arrives at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel in Rosemont? to attend a private party in a hotel room
    • 3:25 A.M. – Jenkins is seen on CCTV exiting a lower level elevator.
    • 3:32 A.M. -? Jenkins is last seen on CCTV as she moves through a 1st floor kitchen.
    • 7:14 A.M. – Rosemont Public Safety receives a call from Teresa Martin (Jenkins’ mother) saying that she can’t find her daughter.
    • 12:46 P.M - Jenkins’ sister arrives at the Rosemont police station to file a Missing Persons report and the teen is entered into the database. At this time, officers respond to the Crowne Plaza Hotel to investigate the missing
    • person. Initial information obtained and searches conducted within the Crowne Plaza hotel did not indicate whether or not Jenkins left the Crowne Plaza Hotel.
    • 8:29 P.M. – Officers respond back to the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Further searches are conducted as more CCTV is reviewed. Searches of the Crowne Plaza Hotel continued throughout the night. More resources were deployed to search the hotel as additional information was obtained through the CCTV.
    • 12:25 A.M. – Jenkins’ body is discovered by a Crowne Plaza Hotel employee. Ms. Jenkins was pronounced dead at the scene by a Resurrection Hospital doctor via Medical Control.
    • 3:08 A.M. – The Cook County Medical Examiner Investigator arrives.
    • 5:10 A.M. – Jenkins’ body is removed from the Crowne Plaza Hotel and transported to the Medical Examiner’s Office. Jenkins’ mother and sister are able to view the body of Kenneka Jenkins prior to being removed.

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    The rest is here:
    Police close case of teen who died in freezer, release timeline of events

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  • Bulls suspend Bobby Portis 8 games, Nikola Mirotic could miss up to 6 weeks 0 CommentsPosted by Brian Straus on October 18, 2017 under MLB

    The Chicago Bulls suffered a pair of key losses before the season even began. Read more…

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    Bulls suspend Bobby Portis 8 games, Nikola Mirotic could miss up to 6 weeks

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  • Chicago Cubs flight diverted to Albuquerque for ill non-player 0 CommentsPosted by Tom Krasovic on October 13, 2017 under MLB

    Oct 13 (The Sports Xchange) – The Chicago Cubs’ overnight flight to Los Angeles lasted into Friday afternoon with the team arriving more than five hours behind schedule. Read more..

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    Chicago Cubs flight diverted to Albuquerque for ill non-player

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  • A French airline is offering unlimited flights between Paris and New York for $40,000 0 CommentsPosted by Thomas George on September 12, 2017 under MLB

    La Compagnie has an interesting story that’s ultra-niche.

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    A French airline is offering unlimited flights between Paris and New York for $40,000

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  • Chicago sues Trump administration over sanctuary city plan 0 CommentsPosted by Ramona Shelburne on August 7, 2017 under Soccer

    CHICAGO, Aug 7 (Reuters) – Chicago on Monday sued to prevent the Trump administration from enforcing new policies that would withhold money from so-called sanctuary cities that deny U.S. immigration officials access to local jails.

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    Follow this link:
    Chicago sues Trump administration over sanctuary city plan

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  • US appeals court agrees to reconsider ‘Making a Murderer’ conviction 0 CommentsPosted by ESPN.com on August 5, 2017 under NBA

    (Reuters) – A U.S. appeals court in Chicago on Friday agreed to reconsider the decision of a federal judge who overturned the homicide conviction of a Wisconsin man serving a life sentence in a case chronicled in the Netflix television documentary “Making of a Murderer.”

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    Read more here:
    US appeals court agrees to reconsider ‘Making a Murderer’ conviction

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