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  • Fishing for Yellowfin Tuna in the Gulf 0 CommentsPosted by Michael Katz on October 26, 2017 under Fishing

    Charter Fishing for Yellowfin Tuna in the Gulf


    Charter fishing is soaring in popularity across the Gulf Coast Region. In fact, deep sea fishing is the perfect way to enjoy the Gulf with family and friends. Whether for corporate or family trips, there are several charter fishing tours in the Gulf for Yellowfin tuna.

    girl with yellowfin tunaThe latter is one of the most popular species for fun-filled and exciting charter fishing expeditions. Similarly, many fishing enthusiasts also take to the Gulf to fish for trout, tuna and other deep-sea species. If you want to embark on an exciting fishing trip, there is nothing like charter fishing out of Venice, Louisiana. This region has some of the best offshore fishing charters around. The area is also close to New Orleans charter fishing – and many people actually head to Venice to enjoy these activities.


    The Many Benefits of Venice LA Fishing


    There are so many benefits of tuna fishing out of Venice LA. For one, you can truly spend quality time with family and friends. There are also several charter fishing companies operating out of Venice.  Most specialize in deep-sea fishing trips for all corporate and private charters. They also feature multiple boats to insure your trip is perfect.   Most of all, these charter fishing groups provide patrons with fishing rods, tackle, bait and even complementary snacks and beverages. They also provide all the necessary safety apparel and gear to ensure maximum protection while on the open water.


    As always, passengers are allowed to bring their own fishing equipment and tackle. Similarly, they can bring their own lunch and snack as well – so long as the charter fishing group allows it. If you love fishing, you probably know that shoreline fishing can be a bit boring. With this in mind, deep sea fishing I the Gulf connects you with Yellowfin tuna, trout, catfish and so many other exotic species.

    Venice charter fishing companies will also teach you how to use the right bait, as well as hook and reel in larger and smaller fish. Yellowfin tuna move swiftly and are normally found in warmer waters. This makes the Gulf of Mexico ideal to fish for these tuna – day and night. If you love deep sea fishing and want to plan a weekend trip, companies in Venice LA will truly achieve your desired results.

    Deep Sea Tuna Fishing


    Why Choose Venice for Charter Fishing?


    Venice LA continues to be a popular destination for charter fishing. From deep sea trout to tuna fishing, Venice Harbor Boat Drive features the best charter fishing companies and groups. In fact, here are some of the top fishing venues in the area:


    • Home Run Fishing Charters and Lodge
    • VooDoo Fishing Charters – Deep Sea Tuna Fishing
    • Super Strike Charters, LLC.
    • Captain Troy Wetzel


    These charter fishing venues also feature convenient lodges for weekend – or weeklong- stays. This means you can enjoy great charter fishing without having to drive back to a New Orleans hotel or motel. It is important, however, to contact these – or other local venues – to check on room availability. Similarly, you need to check if all fishing charters are booked or if there are availabilities.

    While most people love to fish the Gulf for Yellowfin tuna during spring and summer, there are those that venture to Venice during the fall. In fact, the weather is cooler and more enjoyable – especially when it comes to sea breezes and winds. There are usually less people fishing during the fall as well – due to school, work and other daily chores. Still, it is important to contact Venice LA charter fishing companies before driving to the area.


    Charter Fishing in Venice for All


    Right now is the best time of the year for large schools of trout and Yellowfish tuna. While the recent weather events have hampered some fishing trips, business has picked up again the Gulf. With this in mind, all you need to go is check Google or Facebook for the top deep-fishing charters in Venice. You can also speak to the Captains of these charter boats, as well as staff to gather more information. Similarly, you can access their schedules, rates, and even set up onboard charter fishing parties and events. Local companies will supply you with all the important information, including but not limited to:


    • Boat types and rental fees.
    • Safety precautions, guidelines, apparel and training.
    • Fishing rods, tackle, bait, and equipment.
    • Schedules, availability and room and lodging rates.
    • Directions to Venice from New Orleans or other areas.
    • Information on meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc.


    Many Types of Fish in the Gulf


    There is several charter fishing tours available in Venice. Similarly, there are several types of fish in the Gulf that these charters specialize in. For example: you can book a charter specifically for Yellowfin tuna – or offshore fishing for tuna, dolphin and marlin.

    Local charters even offer lump, rig and kite fishing to meet all your needs. As always, fishing equipment rentals are available – but are usually included with your charter boat rental fees. Again, local fishing experts will teach you how to reel, bait and catch these fish that roam the Gulf of Mexico. There are, however, rules in regards to children participating in these charters. Therefore, it is important to get the information you need regarding age limits for all charter fishing trips.


    You can even book shared charters, which is a great way to meet fishing enthusiasts and make new friends. With beautiful scenery and picturesque backdrops, Venice is simply the best place to be for all charter fishing in Louisiana.


    Rod and Reel Fishing


    Venice La charter fishing companies also feature inland rod ‘n’ reel fishing. This includes shoreline and deposit fishing for speckled trout, redfish, drum and flounders. Venice charter  fishing groups know where the lunkers are lurking. This means they take you to the areas where the fish are – so that you can make the most out of your trips.

    While some prefer deep-sea fishing, others simply love fishing closer to the shoreline and mainland. Inland fishing does offer the same excitement as deep sea fishing. However, you are simply closer to the shoreline – but are in a great area to see and fish the many species that stream in from the Gulf of Mexico.


    Venice Lodging


    As mentioned earlier, there are many fishing charters in Venice that offer accommodation and lodging. In fact, many of these hospitality venues overlook the marinas where you will be casting off from.

    From larger parties to fishing camps – most facilities are able to house about 12-14 people. Therefore, it is truly important to book your lodging in Venice ASAP.

    This way, you can enjoy a weekend of charter fishing – and come back to the hotel for drinks, appetizers and delicious entrees. Many facilities in Venice also offer promotional discounts and group savings for all fishing charter groups. If planning on staying in New Orleans, try checking on charter fishing buses or shuttles. Again, Venice is not far from New Orleans – but it is still a good hour and thirty minutes drive by car. You will also be heading southward into the Louisiana islands areas.


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  • Flooding Affects Deep Sea Fishing Charters 0 CommentsPosted by Jeff Dickerson on September 18, 2017 under Fishing

    With the recent hurricanes that have come through the Gulf of Mexico and the recent flooding of many coastal cities — we have seen some major disruption in deep sea fishing charters.

    Unless you have been under a rock, you have heard about the massive hurricanes causing major flooding all over the Gulf of Mexico coastline all the way from Florida to Texas.  Not only are homeowners facing major financial issues because of lack of flood insurance, but we have seen many deep sea fishing charters struggling.  Not only do almost all of the deep sea fishing charters live on the coastline — which has been decimated by the recent hurricanes, but people have been canceling their fishing trips!

    Fishing Charters Hit By Storms

    fishing in a storm

    Many don’t think about it when hurricanes are about to make landfall, but professional charter fisherman have their boats — also know as their livelihoods, in the water on the coastlines.  These fisherman must not only make sure that their families stay safe, they need to make sure that their boats don’t get destroyed!  This can be a huge challenge for some of the more established offshore fishing charters that have boats way too large to move.

    Best Fishing of the Year is NOW

    This cannot come at a worse time as of the best fishing of they year is RIGHT NOW.  This is the time where we see the major migrations of yellowfin tuna in the Gulf of Mexico.  Many Louisiana fishermen, especially the pro’s fishing out of Venice LA,  stay in the red for most of the year but stay fully booked during September and October.


    What Can They Do?

    In many instances, given the appropriate amount of time, they can bring the boat (by sea) to another area that is not so heavily affected.  This can take days and thousands of dollars in gas.  In many instances, especially with the most recent hurricanes, many offshore fishermen were forced to tie up their boats and ride the storm out.

    Good News?

    The good news is most of the offshore fishing charters we have spoken to have weathered the storm well.  Although the fishermen that we have spoken with didn’t see too much direct damage from the recent storms, they have seen a huge increase in cancellations of charter fishing trips.  This is most likely to people who have booked offshore charters having to deal with their own damaged homes and flooding issues.

    Help your local fisherman!  Book an offshore fishing trip today!




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    Flooding Affects Deep Sea Fishing Charters

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  • Fishing The Rigolets 0 CommentsPosted by WWE: WWE News on July 31, 2017 under Fishing

    Some of Louisiana’s Most Diverse Fishing

    Where Is That Rigolets Che’?

    The Rigolets is considered by many Louisiana fishermen to be on the most diverse areas for Louisiana Fishing.  With its unique location, with access to multiple waterways, The Rigolets provides easy access to everything from marsh fishing to deep sea charter fishing.  

    The Rigolets, which is pronounced here in South Louisiana as “Rig-uh-lees” is an eight mile long straight that connects the estuary, Lake Ponchartrain, to the Gulf of Mexico.  A very short drive from New Orleans, Louisiana fishermen have been making launching out of the Rigolets for a long time.  

    The Name

    The name comes from the French word used for a “trench”, and this deep tidal pass provides a steady supply of salt water from the Gulf of Mexico to Lake Ponchartrain. Fresh water feeds into the lake from the Tangipahoa, Tchfuncte, Tickfaw and Amite rivers. Bayou Lacombe also feeds fresh water into the lake. Without the salt water coming in through the Rigolets, the brackish waters that are a hot bed for several species of fish wouldn’t survive.  


    A Landmark Long Gone


    The Rigolets that is now marked by the twin span bridges,  once stood a wooden lighthouse.  The Rigolets lighthouse survived for 150 years, built right out over the water, until Hurricane Katrina in 2005 took it out.  Not only had the lighthouse disappeared, but the fish population was declining.


    Speckled Trout Reports

    near the rigolets

    In 2013 fishing guides and locals dubbed it as one of the worst years for catching Speckled Trout in the Rigolets.  Just a decade before, right before Hurricane Katrina hit, anglers were hauling 7-9 pounders in with ease.  

    In 2013, there was still a small catch of some nice 5-6 pound fish, but small in size and low in number was about the best you could hope for.  The freshwater from the Pearl rivers kept the shrimp out of the Rigolets, and no shrimp, no trout.  

    In 2015, if you want to call it luck, a tropical storm named Bill came early in the tropical season.  This led to a speckled trout fishing boom in Lake Pontchartrain in the fall of 2016. Expectations are the same as Tropical Storm Cindy from this year, 2017, to deliver the same abundance of trout for 2018.


    Finicky Salinity

    The answer to the good & bad seasons in the Rigolet’s shakes out in the salinity levels.  Speckled Trout must have water that is high to spawn so their eggs can float and hatch, when the salinity levels are low their eggs sink and get eaten up by other resident fish or just covered up in the silty bottom.  

    fishing the rigoletsThe storms bring strong winds from the east that pushes the salty water much closer in.  You won’t find many places in South Louisiana that hope for an early tropical storm, but if it’s coming in early, and pushing into Lake Ponchartrain the salty waters, the storm surges will be a blessing for the anglers.  

    The ole timers can predict the next season with an uncanny accuracy just by the presence, timing and direction of the  tropical storms early in year.


    Where There Is Shrimp, There Won’t Be Plastics

    Typically, during the month of June, the shrimp will become abundant in the Lake.  Fishing the Rigolets with plastics then is much more difficult.   When the bait shrimp show up, the best success is using live shrimp, and croakers set under a Carolina rig.

    Fishing Charter out of the Rigolets

    With the huge Rigolets Marina pushing out hundreds of fishing boats every day, catching a charter fishing boat out of the Rigolets shouldn’t be hard.  Chartering a fishing boat can let the novice fisherman have the time of his life.  From being able to go out in well rigged out fishing boats to using all of the best equipment to having an experienced charter fishing captain bring you exactly where the fish are biting.


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  • Fishing for Redfish in Louisiana 0 CommentsPosted by Ariel Helwani on June 21, 2017 under Fishing

    Redfishing in Louisiana

    Fishing for redfish, or red drum, in Louisiana has been a favorite pastime for many anglers over the years.  Although Louisiana is known as one of the best destinations for fishing charters,  which includes deep sea fishing for yellowfin tuna and other game fish, many fishermen in Louisiana like to fish inland for the smaller fish.  There are tons of options for Louisiana fishing, but Redfish is a local favorite.

    Redfish – what can you keep?

    Each fisherman is allowed to keep up to five redfish per day. The minimum size limit for redfish is 16 inches, and the maximum is 27 inches. However, one of your five can be over the 27 inch mark—these are called Bull Reds.

    Louisiana Girl Catching Redfish

    So what do you need to catch a redfish? 

    Here are 14 helpful tips for catching redfish in Louisiana:


    1. Use the local birds to your advantage. Wading birds, like egrets and herons, can help you spot shallow water from a distance.
    2. Use either a high pound test fishing line, or braided line. Redfish are known for fighting back, and you don’t want to hook a big one, only to have the line snap before you get him in the boat.
    3. Also make sure you’re using strong hooks. Redfish have very hard mouths, and many hooks will bend easily.
    4. In shallow water along the edge of marsh grass, use a topwater lure. Redfish often troll around searching for baitfish, like mullet, in the shallows waters. If he’s big enough, you might even see his tail or fins poking out the top of the water.
    5. Use a spinnerbait in the grassy, brackish waters. The flashing and vibrations from the spinnerbait are likely to attract fish.
    6. Try your best to find clean water. In Louisiana, it’s probably never going to be clear—but it can be less muddy and dirty in certain places.
    7. In the small bayous, inlets, and ponds, use plastic jerk baits, like cacahoe minnows. These are typically very realistic looking and can easily fool a redfish.
    8. Keep a constant lookout for signs of feeding fish or nervous bait. Redfish cruise grassy shorelines to ambush bait or dig crustaceans off the bottom.
    9. Bait fish are often found in the current. And where bait fish go, redfish go.
    10. Redfish love live bait…usually. There is no one bait that will work every single time you go fishing. However, redfish very often will bite for shrimp, minnows, and small crabs.
    11. In deeper waters with little grass, topwater lures are best. If you don’t hook your fish on the first try, keep the bait in the same area. A redfish is likely to strike again.
    12. Sometimes you just have to let the Redfish wear itself out. Like mentioned, redfish are fighters and they will make a run. Make sure you’ve got the proper drag settings on your rod, and are ready for a fight. But sometimes so as to not break the line, it might be best to let them run before trying to reel them back in.
    13. Redfish can be fished year-round in the marshes of Louisiana.
    14. Once you find a spot, give it a good 15 to 20 minutes. After that, if you’ve had no bites, it’s best to move on. Even if conditions seem perfect, there aren’t always fish there.

    Witness The Excitement of Catching Redfish in Louisiana





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  • Fishing For Yellowfin Tuna 0 CommentsPosted by WildTurkey on April 17, 2017 under Fishing

    Of all the fishing in the world, one of the best fights you will encounter is that of reeling in a Yellowfin Tuna. The Gulf Coast offers some of the best deep sea fishing anywhere in the world with Venice, La being the crown jewel of Louisiana fishing. One of the true treasures of the area is the year round tuna fishing. These tasty beasts can be caught day or night any month of the year just off the continental shelf around the deep water rigs. By deep water we are talking around 1000ft to about 1500ft deep. Many of the veteran fishing guides recommend getting in decent range of a floating drilling platform, or “floater” as is the lingo. There are hundreds of oil and gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, many of them reachable by boat for some superb fishing.

    How to Fish For Yellowfin Tuna

    There are several ways to fish for Yellowfin Tuna, some of them unintentional. Many times when fishing for other species of saltwater fish, such as Marlin and Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna will hit the bait. So there is a chance you may take home a Yellowfin Tuna even though you were fishing for Wahoo. But, to really experience Yellowfin at its best, the thing to do is an overnight trip to that deep water spot. Night fishing offers a more direct approach to the Yellowfin Tuna.

    Catching Yellowfin Tuna


    Time To Fish

    The dark hours bring the fish up from the deep water to feed on the smaller fish at the surface. The smaller fish are attracted by the lights on the floating rigs. This is the time to catch loads of Yellowfin Tuna. Using bait caught earlier that day for a combination of chum and trolling bait, it is time to set up the lines. Many people prefer to drift with the current until a fish bites. This is done by positioning the vessel to float past the rigs while dragging a baited line many yards behind the boat. For the added attraction chum is tossed into the water slowly to draw in more fish. Once you get a bite, prepare for the fight of a lifetime. Landing a large Yellowfin Tuna can take anywhere from 30 minutes to many hours. The Yellowfin Tuna caught in the Gulf of Mexico average around 40lbs to 60lbs. Although 150lb giants have been landed in the past, so be prepared.  Record sized tuna are out there and ready to be caught on your next Louisiana charter fishing trip.

    With an average of 40lbs to 60lbs and a local limit of 3 Yellowfin per person per day, a successful trip means there is a lot of tuna to go around. Not including all the other things you may catch like Flounder, Grouper, Snapper, and many more.

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    Fishing For Yellowfin Tuna

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  • The Cajun Canyons Billfish Classic 2017 0 CommentsPosted by Shane Bacon on February 15, 2017 under Fishing

    The CCBC in Venice, LA

    The 2017 Cajun Canyons Billfish Classic, Presented by H&E Equipment Services, Inc., will  be hosted by Cypress Cove Marina & Lodge, located in downtown Venice, Louisiana.

    Tournament Dates & Lodging

    The festivities begin May 30 and run through June 4, 2017.  billfish

    Lodging can be found all around Venice, LA, the fishing Charter Captains have great accommodation’s to offer that will suit any number of guests.


    Qualifying Information

    The Cajun Canyons Billfish Classic is the second qualifier of the Gulf Coast Triple Crown and also a qualifying event for both the “Offshore World Championship” and the “InTheBite Captain of the Year Cup”.

    We Are The Sportsman’s Paradise

    Come enjoy the tournament festivities and the best sport fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.  Be sure and book a Charter Fishing Trip out of Venice, LA.  With many charters to choose from, you are bound to find one that shows you why we are called the Sportsman’s Paradise here in Louisiana!

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  • Start a High School Fishing Team 0 CommentsPosted by Chris Mortensen and Ed Werder on February 9, 2017 under Fishing

    High School Fishing Teams

    Take a Kid Fishing, The New Team SportTeen Fishing

    We have all experienced the Team Sports of the past, including, but not limited to Baseball, Football, Soccer, Softball, Tennis and Golf.  We, as parents, recognized early on that keeping our kids busy and involved in team sports gave our kids confidence, and skills needed to work in a “team” environment.  These are skills we knew our kids would take into college and the working world.

    If you do not own your own boat “yet”, another great way to see if your child and his, or her friends are interested, is to take them on a charter fishing.  Let them work with a guide, learn the aspects of respecting the waters, the catch and in addition, the time away from the day to day tether to their smartphones.  Charter Boat Captains can teach your teen the tricks, the popular baits and likely locations to land that fish!fish logo

    Hahnville High School B.A.S.S. Nation Team

    Most recently High School Fishing Teams have been making headlines.  Young and old, all can enjoy the sport of fishing. One of the fastest growing youth related movements across the country are high school fishing clubs, according to the Bass Federation. The Bass Federation, the nation’s oldest and organized fishing organizations, has initiated the development of the Student Angler Federation.

    One of the most noteworthy high school teams here in Louisiana, made headlines when their B.A.S.S. Nation Team was formed at Hahnville High School.   The first year (2014-2015) they did not have a team to qualify for the state tournament, but by it’s second year, they had SEVEN teams to qualify, hosted at Dorion’s Landing in Morgan City, Louisiana. The team of Andrew Melancon and Andrew Granier finished sixth, the highest placement for the Hahnville contingent.

    It has become so popular among high school youth, there is even a Facebook Page dedicated just to the Louisiana High School Bass Fishing Teams.  There is a big push now for Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA) to recognize the B.A.S.S. High School Fishing Sport, and the Student Angler Federation is helping to push this through as a recognized High School Sport.teen team

    How To Start a Team

    Information on how to start a team at your school can be found at B.A.S.S. High School Fishing Sport, and the Student Angler Federation.

    Upcoming Tournaments

    February 11, 2017

    Louisiana B.A.S.S. NATION    2016-17 High School  Tournament Trail

    Registration & Rules is available online  Costa B.A.S.S. Master High School Website

    Things to Remember to Compete in a State Bassmaster Event

    For a two-member fishing team to compete in a state event, they must adhere to stringent rules and regulations. The boat is to have a manufactured built-in live well.  Also, have working running lights, life jackets for everyone on board  that must be worn while the motor is running. Furthermore, there is a five-fish limit, artificial lures only are allowed, you must have an emergency kill switch, and there are mandatory break times.

    Sponsor Contact Information

    B.A.S.S. High School Fishing Sport

    Student Angler Federation


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    Start a High School Fishing Team

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  • China may leave the U.S. behind on climate change due to Trump 0 CommentsPosted by Boxing FanHouse on November 12, 2016 under Fishing

    China may leave the U.S. behind on climate change due to Trump

    President-elect Donald J. Trump will enter office on Jan. 20, 2017 with an agenda that includes dismantling President Barack Obama’s environmental actions, particularly when it comes to global warming. Environmentalists are gearing up for a fierce fight against him, and it’s easy to see why.

    Trump is set to become the world’s only leader who does not believe human-caused global warming exists.

    In just his first 100 days, he is seeking to green light the Keystone XL Pipeline, a project Obama rejected in 2015, as well as redirect climate aid the U.S. gives to other nations. In doing so, Trump may hand over the mantle of global leadership on combatting climate change to a country he aims to compete more fiercely with: China.

    Trump has also pledged to “lift the restrictions” on producing what he says is $50 trillion dollars worth of energy reserves, including shale oil and natural gas as well as, in his campaign’s words, “clean coal,” which doesn’t exist on a commercial scale.

    President Barack Obama, accompanied by Vice President Joe Biden, Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016.

    Image: Pablo Martinez MonsivaiS/AP

    And that’s just what he has planned for the first 100 days. He will have unified control of Congress for longer than that, enabling his administration to undertake even more radical anti-environmental measures should they choose to.

    Fragile progress

    Obama took more steps to mitigate the effects of climate change than any president in history, having rolled out regulations to curb greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants, mandated large increases in the fuel efficiency of cars and trucks, and forced regulators to factor in the climate change consequences of federal projects, including some energy projects.

    While you might think that Obama’s climate moves, which he sees as a cornerstone of his legacy, are durable, Trump may quickly expose their fragility.

    The vast majority of Obama’s climate agenda has been accomplished using his power as the chief executive, either through executive orders or federal regulations. Such steps can be more easily overturned than bills passed by Congress and signed into law.

    Environmental advocates are gearing up for a long and costly fight with a Trump White House over what he will roll back, and the measures he plans to take using his executive authority — such as the authorization of the Keystone XL Pipeline, which Obama rejected in 2015 in part on climate change-related grounds.

    “Trump must choose whether he will be a president remembered for putting America and the world back on a path to climate disaster, or for listening to the American public, investing in the fastest-growing sector in the U.S. economy? — clean energy? — ?and keeping us on a path of climate progress,” said Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune in a statement.

    Blood Falls and the Taylor Glacier near McMurdo Station, Antarctica, Friday, Nov. 11, 2016.

    Blood Falls and the Taylor Glacier near McMurdo Station, Antarctica, Friday, Nov. 11, 2016.

    Image: Mark Ralston/AP

    “He should choose wisely,” he said. “Otherwise, we can guarantee President Trump the hardest fight of his life every step of the way.”

    Keystone Pipeline

    The Keystone XL Pipeline became a flashpoint for climate activists because it would transport oil 1,200 miles from Canada’s oil sands region in Alberta through the Central U.S., to the Gulf Coast. There, the oil would be refined and exported to the global oil market.

    Trump and other project supporters contend it would create thousands of jobs, although these claims were debunked by multiple studies, including the State Department’s own review that showed few permanent jobs would result.

    Rows of pipe ready to become part of the Keystone Pipeline are stacked in a field near Cushing, Okla. in Feb. 2012.

    Rows of pipe ready to become part of the Keystone Pipeline are stacked in a field near Cushing, Okla. in Feb. 2012.

    Image: Sue Ogrocki/AP

    In rejecting the pipeline, Obama cited the climate impacts of accessing and burning more oil, which at the time was a groundbreaking — and precedent setting, move.

    The company seeking to build the pipeline, TransCanada, made it clear this week that it is preparing to apply for approval again under Trump.

    The pipeline requires State Department review since it crosses an international border. However, in 2015, Congress passed a bill giving Keystone the go-ahead, but Obama vetoed it. Were a Republican Congress to pass a similar bill, Trump could sign it and fast-track the pipeline instead of going through a new round of State Department reviews.

    Studies published in the past two years have shown that if the world is to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius, or 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit, or lower compared to preindustrial levels, oil from Canada’s oil sands region in Alberta would have to remain in the ground rather than being burned.

    Climate advocates at the environmental group Friends of the Earth told Mashable that if Trump were to approve the pipeline now it would be a setback for the “Keep It in the Ground movement,” which has gained steam since then and aims to prevent new fossil fuel extraction projects, period.

    Soon there will be nothing, other than activist pressure and possibly the courts, standing between Trump and Keystone’s approval.

    “If he is successful this would be an important symbol of rolling back President Obama’s legacy on climate change,” said Kate Colwell, a spokeswoman for the environmental group, in an email.

    Clean Power Plan

    The Clean Power Plan is a set of EPA regulations that would limit greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants. The regulations are currently facing court challenges, and have not yet fully entered into force.

    The plan seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants to 32 percent below 2005 levels by 2020.

    Image: PA Wire/PA Images

    Power plants account for roughly one-third of all domestic greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, and the vast majority of the electricity sector’s greenhouse gas emissions, according to the Energy Information Administration.

    Dismantling the Clean Power Plan, as the Trump campaign vowed to do, would be a complex undertaking. Some states that have already moved forward with implementing the regulations would resist such a move, since it could be costly to scrap the regulations.

    However, coal-producing states and those that rely most heavily on coal-fired power plants, such as Ohio, may welcome a regulatory retreat. If the plan is gutted, the U.S. would no longer be on track to meet its commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement.

    Climate Finance

    A big part of U.S. leadership on climate change is the country’s commitment to helping vulnerable nations around the world adapt to climate change impacts, such as heat waves and rising sea levels, and develop technologies to expand their access to energy in a cleaner way.

    So-called “climate finance” has been a flashpoint of international climate talks for many years, with developed nations now committed to spending at least $100 billion per year by 2020 in such funding.

    Trump has declared that he would cancel U.S. funding, which amounts to about $3 billion annually, for U.N. climate programs and redirect it to domestic infrastructure development.

    “Money for developing countries to tackle a climate crisis not of their making – that money is probably gone now,” Colwell said.

    China as the world’s climate leader?

    An electric car is being charged at a photovoltaic power carport in Shanghai, China, 17 August 2016.

    An electric car is being charged at a photovoltaic power carport in Shanghai, China, 17 August 2016.

    Image: Zhong yang /imaginechina

    While it will take time — possibly the entire Trump presidency — to roll back many Obama’s climate achievements, make no mistake: It will become much harder for the world to meet its climate goals with Trump in the White House.

    This fact could have ramifications lasting decades or more as the planet responds to increased greenhouse gases in the air.

    However, there is reason to be optimistic: global energy trends are moving in favor of renewables over coal and other fossil fuels. The worldwide push toward solving global warming that occurred during Obama’s presidency has gained enough momentum that it is not going to stop even if the U.S. turns into a rogue state on this issue.

    “A shift to a low carbon economy,” says Mark Watts, the executive director of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, “is too well-embedded in large parts of the world, particularly China, for it to be overturned.”

    China, in fact, reiterated on Friday that with or without the U.S., it is firmly committed to continuing to reduce its emissions.

    “Our policies and action will not be impacted by any action by the U.S. government,” Chen Zhihua, of China’s National Development and Reform Commission, said at the latest round of UN climate talks in Morocco on Monday.

    The question for Trump, then, may be who he wants to lead the world on this issue: the U.S., or China?

    See the original post here:
    China may leave the U.S. behind on climate change due to Trump

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  • CMA Awards 2016: Complete list of winners 0 CommentsPosted by Thomas George on November 2, 2016 under Fishing

    CMA Awards 2016: Complete list of winners

    Country music’s biggest night is officially upon us!

    The 50th Annual Country Music Awards are set to air tonight on ABC at 8 p.m. EST, and we can’t wait to see all of the action at the ceremony, which will again be hosted by Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley.

    SEE ALSO: CMA Awards 2016: Red carpet arrivals

    Which artists will reign supreme as Nashville’s biggest and brightest take center stage? Who will win the night’s biggest award, Entertainer of the Year? With nominees Luke Bryan, Chris Stapleton, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban and Garth Brooks all going head-to-head, there’s no telling what will happen.

    Check back here for an updating list of the night’s winners.

    Music Video of the Year: “Fire Away,” Chris Stapleton

    Pinnacle Award: Kenny Chesney

    See the looks from last night’s BMI Country Music Awards:

    More from AOL.com:
    Beyonce to perform at CMA Awards tonight
    2016 BMI Country Music Awards: Red carpet arrivals
    Rory Feek is emotional about CMA nomination with late wife, Joey Feek

    Read the original here:
    CMA Awards 2016: Complete list of winners

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  • Newly discovered emails unlikely to change FBI decision not to charge Clinton, experts say 0 CommentsPosted by Matt Romanoski on October 31, 2016 under Fishing

    Newly discovered emails unlikely to change FBI decision not to charge Clinton, experts say

    When FBI Director James Comey told Congress that the FBI intends to review newly discovered emails in the investigation of Hillary Clinton, some observers speculated that the evidence could lead to federal charges against Clinton. According to former prosecutors and legal experts across the political spectrum, however, that is unlikely.

    While experts caution that it is hard to weigh the impact of largely unknown evidence, they say both the history of the FBI inquiry and the nature of the new emails make it unlikely that federal authorities would reverse course to charge Clinton.

    Old Email, New Email

    “Given the fact that they reviewed 30,000 emails, most of which were from Hillary Clinton, it’s hard to imagine there could be new emails that are from Hillary Clinton that could result in the prosecution of her,” said Paul Butler, a former Justice Department attorney who has prosecuted politicians and federal officials for corruption.

    See more on the Clinton email controversy:

    Comey did not name the source of the new emails in his letter to Congress on Friday, but federal sources say the emails are linked to Clinton aide Huma Abedin, the estranged wife of Anthony Weiner, who is under investigation for allegedly messaging a minor.

    Related: FBI Obtains Warrant for Newly Discovered Emails in Clinton Probe

    It is possible that those emails could reveal new information about Clinton’s conduct, but former investigators say that given the broad review the FBI completed, it is far more likely that the emails would provide information about Abedin.

    In its original inquiry, the FBI said it reviewed Clinton’s 30,000 work emails, as well as “several thousand” other emails. It said it interviewed Clinton, her aides, her information technology staff and “those involved” in turning over her emails.

    “This seems to be more about Huma than Hillary,” a former Republican federal prosecutor said.

    “It doesn’t seem that this is so inculpatory towards Hillary Clinton,” the prosecutor said, proposing that even if Abedin’s emails “show she’s lying, OK — what’s that got to do with Hillary Clinton?”

    Because the FBI has already reviewed Abedin’s work emails through other sources, some former investigators said the emails are unlikely to change the case.”There’s probably not a high likelihood that these are new,” said Peter Zeidenberg, a former federal prosecutor in Washington, D.C.

    Zeidenberg estimated that there is a “significant chance” that any new emails would not have classified information. But if they did, he said, that fact would be unlikely to change the FBI’s publicly stated legal analysis in the case.

    The FBI determined that even careless handling of classified information did not make Clinton guilty of a crime.

    “Suppose there was ‘Top Secret’ information — I think it would be hugely embarrassing, politically damaging, but I still don’t think it would change the analysis of what is being done intentionally,” said Zeidenberg, who served in the Justice Department unit that prosecutes elected officials.

    “I don’t see how it will change the analysis about whether she’s going to be charged with a criminal offense,” Zeidenberg said. “I think there is about zero percent likelihood of that.”

    A High Burden of Proof

    When the FBI inquiry ended, Comey said the legal standard required clear proof that Clinton either “intentionally” mishandled classified information or that she knowingly took classified information out of the appropriate government systems. The inquiry did not find such proof, he said.

    Instead, Comey said the evidence did not meet the legal standard in past cases in which mishandling of classified material was prosecuted.

    Those cases, Comey said, had one of three other types of misconduct: “clearly intentional and willful mishandling of classified information” (an intention to break the law), “indications of disloyalty to the United States” (such as leaking to enemies) or “efforts to obstruct justice” (such as lying to the FBI).

    While experts say Abedin’s email is unlikely to generate that kind of “smoking gun” evidence about Clinton, as a matter of process, it is prudent to look at any evidence that might be new.

    “You would never want to forgo the opportunity to see if there is evidence that is potentially relevant and could change the outcome of the investigation,” said Andy Devooght, a former federal prosecutor in Illinois.

    Devooght also echoed the stringent legal test for charges.

    Any new emails would face a high bar for supporting charges against Clinton — specifically, clear proof that she intentionally sought to mishandle classified information.

    “The bottom line is that this new information would have to prove what they didn’t have before — which is sufficient evidence to establish that she knew, beyond a reasonable doubt, that she was sending classified information,” said Devooght, a former clerk to the late Chief Justice William Rehnquist.

    Former FBI officials also say any routine effort to look at new evidence does not imply a “do-over” of the entire case.

    When new information arises, “the FBI re-evaluates the new information,” said Shawn Henry, a former assistant director of the FBI and expert on cybercrime.

    “You don’t go back and look at the entire investigation, but you evaluate the new information on its merit to see if it changes your conclusions,” said Henry, who ran the FBI’s Washington Field Office.

    The FBI’s current approach to the Clinton review, however, is anything but routine.

    New Emails or Duplicate Emails?

    Apart from the unusually public nature of the FBI’s review, no one at the bureau apparently knows whether the emails are actually new evidence.

    Comey’s letter Friday stated that emails from the Weiner investigation “appear to be pertinent” and merit review to “assess their importance.”

    Federal officials also told Yahoo News, however, that the FBI has not reviewed any of the emails. The FBI only just obtained a warrant to look further into the emails late Sunday, according to law-enforcement sources.

    That is significant, because it raises the possibility that there is no new evidence at all if the emails are copies of what the FBI already reviewed.

    “They could all be duplicates of what they’ve already looked at,” said Nick Akerman, who was an assistant special prosecutor in the Watergate investigation.

    In that case, the evidence would essentially be old, and the only development would be that previously reviewed emails existed on another device.

    That could be negative for Abedin, experts said, but the location of the emails alone would not change the legal analysis of Clinton’s conduct.

    “There’s going to be a lot of innuendo out of nothing,” said Akerman, adding, “There is no crime here.”

    Other legal experts said that Comey’s letter was premature and that a public announcement that an investigation is continuing should occur only if, first, the FBI has actually reviewed the new evidence and, second, it has deemed it important.

    This “does not happen without substantial, credible evidence that the prior decision may have been in error,” said Robert Cattanach, a former federal prosecutor and former counsel to the secretary of the Navy.

    “Second looks themselves are not unheard of, but those typically occur without fanfare or even acknowledgement,” Cattanach said, “unless and until real substance to contradict the bureau’s earlier decision comes to light.”

    While the FBI says it is not reopening the case, Cattanach said Comey’s letter essentially does that, but in “veiled terms.”

    For all the scrutiny of Comey’s process, it is the outcome of the inquiry that interests most observers.

    According to legal experts, new emails from a cooperating witness are, absent a very unusual development, unlikely to change the outcome that the FBI did not find the kind of criminal intent required to charge Clinton with mishandling classified information.

    More here:
    Newly discovered emails unlikely to change FBI decision not to charge Clinton, experts say

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